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Lost in translation (Sevilla)

Our Spanish, girls-trip


Me and my friends had been planning a girls-trip since ever, but it took like years to actually do it. Anyway, after long discussions we finally decided. city: Seville, Spain. time: 15-22 September.
Arranging things was so difficult, find the best flights, the best timetable, call and confirm with eveyone, than cancel and search something else again. There was actually an argument about accomodation too. there were so many suggestions, and the more people you ask, the more strange ideas you get. We could make a home-exchange with local people through the internet, call me old-fashioned but l´m not ready to trust people that much, or we could go backpacking, now wait a second. l am going on vacation, to relax, to do nothing, to completely feel useless :), so why should l go around carring around a huge heavy bag and see if l can luckily find a nice place where to sleep. well, lets just my personal opinion.
Finally, we found on the internet this site with apartment rentals. l always thought that only rich people can afford this kind of holidays so l never even dared search for this kind of sites: big mistake. we rented a nice sunny apartment from www.visitalltheworld.com that costed us less than a hotel and it felt like having your own vacation home. it was lovely. the moment l stepped in, l just could not stop imagining myself living in such a beautiful city, in such a nice neighborhood. l loved Seville´s streets, narrow and giving you the feeling of belonging to a legendary world. the old white houses, the balconies, the small windows. it felt like being away from the modern world. the apartment we rented was in the historic center area, so we could just walk a few minutes and get to see the Cathedral, which was magnificent, the Giralda. We also visited the gardens in the afternoons. they were like big green labyrinths, perfect if you want some cool air. it was mid september, but the temperatures were still high.(at least compared to my little town in Denmark).
l loved this Spanish city, no wonder many people visit it every year, and now l want to see more of Spain. the next destination maybe Barcelona or Madrid.

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